Live Painting with Bridgette Meinhold

Live Painting with Bridgette Meinhold

Social distancing has meant a lot of alone time, but we are finding ways to connect through art, right from our homes. For the past 3 weeks I have painted daily with some of my favorite artists from across the country, using just our phones to connect via instagram live. We are joined each day by thousands of people who tune in from kitchen tables all over the country and world to paint with us and join the conversation. Art made during the live sessions is sold for donations to COVID-19 response funds, with over $5000 donated to date. 

Today Bridgette Meinhold and I sat down for an hour of chatting about watercolor, learning, and community. 

Live painting with Bridgette Meinhold


B. Meinhold

Bridgette Meinhold is an artist and freelance writer based in Park City, Utah, where she lives in a small A-frame cabin in an aspen grove with her husband and dog. From her front porch she has access to backcountry skiing, biking, hiking and a whole world of inspiration. Even though we couldn't hang out with her in person, we were lucky enough to get a peek into her studio during our hour long instagram live painting session. Here are some favorite tidbits from our conversation. 

On her work: 

Art is equal parts adventure, experiment, release and retrospection. Every day is an adventure to find new worlds and experience new sensations. Each painting is a series of experiments to get closer and closer to capturing a memory, a sensation or a thrilling moment. A day in the studio is time well spent and a release for my mind, body and my soul. Moments are measured in brush strokes and memories are relived through expression. My art is an expression of my time spent outdoors, enjoying the landscape, playing in the mountains and my connection to nature.

I work with encaustic, milk paint, pencil, oil and watercolor. I draw inspiration from drifting clouds, mountains, trees, the atmosphere, and inclement weather.


On combining materials:

I use just a little bit of gouache. I really love the pure watercolor, but there are some details that are just too hard to get otherwise, so it's nice to have a few options to get more opaque layers. I carry a tube of white gouache with me, so I always have an opaque layer with me.

On learning:

The hundred day project (100 days of consecutive drawing) is a way to spend some dedicated time to being creative, the idea is dedicating yourself to something. My goal for the project is to get better at something. Every year it has been a completely enjoyable experience. It is amazing what it did for my skills. 

On having a plan: 

Clouds are not perfect little fluffy things. Even when you paint them, they don't stay in that shape, they change. Clouds do whatever they want, if you're frustrated by them, try something else. It's no big deal if you mess up, write on the back of it and mail it to a friend who would love getting it as a card. It's just paper.

live screenshot live  

To see more of Bridgette Meinhold's work check out her website or follow her work on Instagram.  

Art made during quarantine live sessions is available for sale for donations to COVID-19 response funds. Since March 21st we have donated over $5000 from art made and sold as a result of our live sessions. Check Instagram to see what art is currently available for donation.

Next up is live painting with artist Craig Muderlak on Wednesday 4/15/2020 at 10am PT. Join via my Instagram live stories. Simply head to and click my profile picture at the start time. 


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