(picture by Sarina Clark)

I'm Nikki Frumkin, an artist and alpinist in Seattle, Washington. 

My work is inspired by time spent hiking, climbing and mountaineering in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am drawn to rugged, remote and wild places. My paper and watercolors come with me on my human powered adventures, small paper tucked into my pocket on big adventures or enormous sheets strapped to the outside of my pack like a sail. I am often painting from summits, ridges or alpine lakes. There is magic in painting in these wild places, in capturing the light, energy and movement of a place.

Art is powerful in its ability to connect people to the natural world and to each other. My work combines pattern, vibrant color, and energetic lines in an effort to to capture and share the feeling of being in the mountains. The feeling that drives us to keep seeking out experiences in the mountains. That inspires pride and connection to our wild places. That inspires action to take care of them.

My paintings have been exhibited in shows across the country. I also create art and design work within the climbing and outdoor industry.