8 Climbing Artists You Should Know

These eight artists and climbers are drawing, painting, and creating art of wild places and wild adventures.

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Women in the Mountains:
Nikki Frumkin Paints in the Snow While you Watch Netflix

"When Nikki Frumkin moved to Washington three years ago, she realized that some of the best and most beautiful places aren’t easy to get to. Her work is dreamy, full of rich colors, and often filled with starry skies."- By: Katie Cooney

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Nikki Frumkin is inspired by mountains—and not just as a climber, backpacker and mountaineer. Her love for mountains finds its way onto a page via watercolors, pens and pencils. Originally from Switzerland, she now calls Washington home, and doesn't head out for an alpine adventure without her trusty sketchbook. We caught up with her to learn a bit more about her creative process and the adventures she has along the way to making her art. You can follow her on Instagram @DrawnToHighPlaces.

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How I Took My Painting To The Trail
Need some creative inspiration? Go outside.

"Sitting down on a sun­-warmed rock to paint after a long hike is one of my favorite things to do. I love the feeling of really taking in the landscape and feeling the power of nature as I eat snacks and paint. When I sit outside to paint, I feel like all the hard work I did getting to where I am has even more meaning."

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Art in the Mountains:
Behind the work of Artist and Alpinist Nikki Frumkin.

"Mountains, Volcanoes and other high places. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, don’t be surprised to find Nikki sitting on her backpack surrounded by the snowy cascades and drawing in her sketchbook."

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Why Paint From the Summit?

Nikki Frumkin isn’t doing it for sales. But for reasons of her own, the Washington artist climbs and paints from the top of mountains.

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Artistry Feature:
Exceptional women finding beauty in the habitual and fantastic alike.

"NIkki Frumkin is an artist who explores the world around her with her sketchbook in hand. Drawn to open spaces, you will find her work full of lively landscapes, mountain peaks, and movement. She captures the spirit of the mountains with each brush stroke."

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