I love working with you to make a special painting!


Commissions are a great way to get one of my mountain paintings or landscapes based on a place or a memory that you love.


Original photo taken by Nick Terrel Sloan Peak. Watercolor and Ink on Paper. 16 x 20 inches



Commissioning a painting is a really fun process and I love working with you on this. A few things to know:

- Commissions take a while so please allow a few months to make it happen before your deadline.

- I can work based on a photo or on location depending on your subject! 

-I retain all rights to your painting, for example, to make prints or stickers. 

Size Price
4 x 6 inches $490
5 x 7 or 6 x 6 inches $590
8 x 10 inches $990
9 x 12 inches $1200
8 x 16 inches $1200
11 x 14 inches $1400
18 x 24 inches $1900
22 x 30 inches $3000


I am happy to consider other sizes. Framing is also available! Framed work ships for free in the US.

Let's Get Started With Your Commission!

What Would You Like A Painting Of?


Go ahead and link to images if you have them. If you are using your own images, toss them in a google drive folder (or something similar) and use that link.

When Do You Need The Painting Completed

If you have a deadline, like a birthday or wedding, let me know.