Painting the PNW: Alpenglow Workshop, October 14

Painting the PNW: Alpenglow Workshop, October 14

Painting the PNW: Alpenglow Workshop
October 14, 2020, 7-8pm  Pacific Time 


Join me for an evening of playing with watercolors as we learn techniques to paint the magic of alpenglow. Sunrise and sunset in the PNW can feel full of movement, light and energy, let's capture it in watercolors.

This session will take place online, link to join will be available prior to this session.  

I recommend having the following materials available:

-Paper or a sketchbook. I like paper that is at least 140lb, and prefer 300lb. Have a few 4" x 6"ish sheets available to work on at the same time.

-A few waterproof pens and pencils (Any kind will do. I like micron pens and mechanical pencils)

-An eraser

-A paint brush. I like water brushes or aqua brushes because you can travel with them easily. It’s always fun to have a giant brush. Whatever you have on hand is perfect, no need to spend a lot of money

-A small watercolor set. I love Art-Tool kit palettes. 

-A paper towel or a bit of TP

-A cup or two of water


Reserve your Spot

This workshop is part of a two part series. They can each be taken alone or as a series together. To sign up for both Painting the PNW workshops add them both to your cart for $10 off at checkout. 

Painting the PNW: Moody Landscapes Workshop, October 13

Painting the PNW: Alpenglow Workshop, October 14



"I had pretty high expectations after watching several instagram lives (including the one where you did more of a tutorial), and you still exceeded expectations. Thanks again for letting me be a part of it and for being so encouraging!" - 2020 Online Workshop Participant

"I thought it was really thorough and I enjoyed the insights. How you explained how to/where to put lines was extremely helpful." - 2020 Online Workshop Participant

"I liked following along as you created a painting and listening to how to put all the parts together"  - 2020 Online Workshop Participant

Refund Policy: No refunds unless you or I can resell your ticket. Thanks!

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