Workshop: Creative Voice in Watercolors, March 30th

Join me for a watercolor workshop at Mokedo in Seattle!

We will get together with a goal of making a mountain painting and learning some great new watercolor skills. I will do a watercolor demo to get us started off and then everyone will have the opportunity to create their own painting. You may bring reference photos of your favorite landscapes, or you can paint from your imagination.

While we paint, there will be plenty of time to talk about creative voice, technique, process, art as a business, social media and any other questions you have. You do not need a ton of painting experience to attend this class. Everyone is welcome.

If you already have materials you love to work with bring them with you!

If you would like me to provide art supplies for you (hand picked by me-that you get to take home!) add the supplies option when you buy your ticket. You will get 1 more more of everything listed below.

I recommend bringing the following:

-Paper or a sketchbook. I really like watercolor paper blocks (meaning paper bound on all 4 sides)

-A few pens and pencils (Any kind will do. I like micron pens and mechanical pencils)

-An eraser

-A paint brush. I recommend this water brush.

-A small watercolor set. A great cheap option is the Winsor Newton Sketcher's Pocket Box Set

-Masking fluid

-A paper towel or a bit of TP

-Any reference photos you have of a landscape you love or a starry sky

See you there!




What's the refund policy?

If we can resell your ticket, I will issue a refund. Thanks!

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